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At Ad Astra Boarding Cattery we try to provide a friendly and loving atmosphere for the cats, with as many home comforts as possible. Each time we go into the cattery we take time to talk to the cats, give them a few small treats and (where they are amenable) fuss, cuddle stroke and brush them. We provide everything your cat will need during its stay, but you are welcome to bring their favourite bedding and toys that may help them settle in.

We keep a stock of most major brands of cat foods available in supermarkets along with pilchards, tuna, and salmon to allow us to feed your cat on familiar food. Veterinary prescribed or other special diets can be catered for, but we request that you bring these with you. All cats are fed at breakfast and tea time, though this can be increased if required for kittens, dietary problems, etc. Fresh water is always available and is changed with each meal.

Boarding Cattery

Should your cat be on veterinary prescribed medication we will administer this as required.

It goes without saying that each chalet is cleaned and disinfected daily and litter trays are checked throughout the day and cleaned when required.

Our current boarding cattery is built in the chalet design. The sleeping box is raised off the floor and contains a bed and electric heater, providing a warm and comfortable sleeping compartment. Inside the chalet we place various toys, along with a small chair or table, with blanket, for cats to sunbathe on and watch the world around them.

New Improved Boarding Cattery

We have demolished half of the cattery to make way for our new feline facility. This provides much more luxurious and spacious chalets, designed and built to Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) standards. Each chalet has a sleeping and exercise area of the size specified for two cats sharing and the whole cattery is roofed to keep both the sleeping and exercise areas dry in inclement weather.

Exercise and Interest

While we are able to exercise dogs in our open paddocks, it is impossible to do this with the cats in our care. To ensure that there is a high level of interesting stimulation for the cats during their stay a ‘bubble machine’, childrens windmills, bird feeders and plants to attract butterflies will be placed in the courtyard at the front of the chalets.

A panel heater in the sleeping area will keep it warm and cosy, with a ‘sleeping hammock’ that many cats love – there will also be several basking shelves in the sleeping area so the cats can ‘follow the sun’ through the day.

The exercise area will contain various toys, scratching posts, basking tables and shelves. Large windows between the individual exercise areas will allow the cats to see along the cattery. Mesh gates at the front will provide ventilation and allow the cats to see into the courtyard area.

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